Stretch mark tattoo skin camouflage – what’s the fuss about?

In the last couple of years, Stretch Mark cover up tattooing has come more into the spotlight, thanks to Brazilian artist Rodolpho Torres and his protégés.  Treatment methods have really evolved since the skin camouflage treatment first emerged, leading to some great results.  With the right education and guidance, it is possible to successfully disguise […]

All About Skin Tone Tattoo Colour

Skin camouflage micropigmentation for scars is not a new concept.  Nowadays there are many artists who specialise in this treatment and are often to referred to as medical tattooists or skin camouflage tattoo artists.  Micropigmentation and tattooing are on in the same thing – it is just semantics. Since Brazilian tattoo artist Rodolpho Torres emerged on the scene […]
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