What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropimentation is the illusion of tattooing tiny hair folicles on the scalp to give the impression of a shaved head, or more hair density within existing hair.  It is the most effective way of bring your hair line back – and it is affordable! This treatment is suitable for both men and women, whether […]

Scar & Brazilian Stretch Mark Tattoo Camouflage FAQs

Scar & Brazilian Stretch Marks Camouflage Frequently Asked Questions Can I have my scar camouflaged by tattooing?Whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment depends on the type, colour and age of the scar, your skin type, as well as if you have any skin or medical conditions.For camouflage using skin tone tattoo ink, the scar […]

How many sessions will I need for Laser Tattoo Removal?

This is the most frequent question we get asked…The number of sessions a client will need to remove their tattoo, is dependent on many factors, some of which are outside of our control.  Namely, these factors are:Age of clientSkin renewal is slower for older clients.Immune system of clientA stronger immune system will be able to […]

What is MCA Dry Inkless Needling?

Skin Needling, also known as MCA or Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation, is a technique used by Permanent Cosmetics Artists in which, as a result of the healing process, benefits are achieved in wrinkle and stretch mark fillings, scar remodelling and skin re-pigmentation.MCA Dry Needling is actually not performed dry any longer, since it is now used […]

Can scars be camouflaged with skin tone tattoo ink?

Scars, regardless of how they are obtained (surgery, growth spirts, accidents), can be debilitating for some people and really affect self-confidence.  It may just be a small scar, or it may be stretch marks covering large parts of the body.  Many treatment options are available – when client’s visit us, it is usually their last resort, having […]
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