Free consultation for medical tattooing London and Brentwood

Free consultation for medical tattooing London and Brentwood Ink Illusions

We offer a free initial consultation online.  Please read below how it works…

  1. Complete the enquiry form below.  
  2. If you are having problems uploading photos of videos, you can send CLEAR photos showing the entire area(s) that you would like treating to or privately on WhatsApp to
    07751 254138 (please don’t call this number it is just for sending photos) along with your email address.
  3. Someone will reply to you with all the necessary information, including if you are suitable for treatment, the treatment options, the treatment process, expectations, and a pricing breakdown.
  4. If you are happy after receiving all the information, we can arrange to get you in to the clinic for a face-to-face consultation, followed by skin tests if necessary, or your first treatment.

If you do not want a free online consultation (e.g. if you are not comfortable sending photos), we can get you booked in for a face-to-face consultation which will be $60.00.  Please be re-assured that if you do send photos, these are treated with the greatest privacy and sensitivity.  We prefer to review photos first to save wasting any time or money when you may not be suitable when seeing photos.  If you do not want a free online consultation and wish to book a face-to-face consultation for $60.00, please email and someone will send you appointment availability.

Without photos we are unable to advise further on the treatment recommendations / information, and the pricing.  If you would prefer not to send photos, we can arrange a video call with our practitioner ($30.00) or arrange an in-person consultation in London Liverpool Street ($60.00).

Please note we are unable to offer any sort of advice specific to your condition on the telephone.  We need to be able to see the area(s) that need treating clearly, so please send photos OR email us to book a consultation only.  Please email for appointment availability for a video consultation, or a face-to-face consultation.  Again, to save wasting any time or money if we can see straight away you’re not suitable for treatment, we recommend you send clear photos or a video to WhatsApp / email for free advice. You can send photos via this form or, if easier, privately on WhatsApp to 07751 254138.  Please note we treat photos with the greatest sensitivity and privacy.  We aim to provide a free online consultation within 24 hours of receiving photos.

Client Enquiry Form

Interested in receiving treatment? If yes, please fill in the form below including your details and what area(s) you are looking to treat. Rest assured that we treat every client’s information with the utmost sensitivity and your information is only shared with the practitioners. All your data is protected per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    Select the treatment you're interested in below. * (Please scroll to the bottom of the form for a pricing guide)
    Select your skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale shown below (or closest)* Free consultation for medical tattooing London and Brentwood Ink Illusions

    The Link To Our Official ESTIMATED Pricing Guide: (Please note that these are just starting points for each area / treatment, and can vary depending on the size, condition, number of area(s) etc.)

    Please select below if you have read the pricing guide below:
    Please look at the STARTING PRICES for treatments here and select which one applies to you.
    per session (Anti-Aging Microneedling Facial)" checked="checked" />$144.00 per session (Anti-Aging Microneedling Facial) per session (Areola Reconstruction)" />$180.00 per session (Areola Reconstruction) per session (Emergency Eyebrow)" />$118.80 per session (Emergency Eyebrow) per session (Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling)" />From $300.00 per session (Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling) per session (Laser Pigmentation Removal)" />From $60.00 per session (Laser Pigmentation Removal) per session (Scar Tattoo Camouflage)" />From $192.00 per session (Scar Tattoo Camouflage) per session (Scalp Micropigmentation - Men)" />From $360.00 per session (Scalp Micropigmentation - Men) per session (Scalp Micropigmentation - Women)" />From $240.00 per session (Scalp Micropigmentation - Women) per session (MCA inkless Needling for Scars)" />From $108.00 per session (MCA inkless Needling for Scars) per session (Stretch Mark Camouflage with ink)" />From $336.00 per session (Stretch Mark Camouflage with ink) per session (MCA Needling for Stretch Marks)" />From $216.00 per session (MCA Needling for Stretch Marks) per session (SQT Bio-microneedling)" />From $252.00 per session (SQT Bio-microneedling) per session (TCA Pigmentation Peels)" />from $108.00 per session (TCA Pigmentation Peels)
    Are you asking about multiple areas/conditions or treatments?

    If yes, please explain further below:
    Please upload photos and/or videos of the areas you'd like to have treated. (MAXIMUM TOTAL SIZE 19MB)
    (We treat your photos with the highest level of privacy.
    Your data is not shared with anyone other than the practitioners)
    How long have you had you scarring / condition for?
    Do you have any other medical conditions or disabilities which may affect your treatment? If so, please comment below:
    How did you find Ink Illusions?
    Please send us your availability/preferred dates and times: *
    Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
    Would you be interested in being a model on our training days?
    (Massive model discounts on treatments)
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