Free consultation for medical tattooing London and Brentwood

We offer a free initial consultation online.  Please read below how it works…

  1. Send CLEAR photos showing the entire area(s) that you would like treating to or privately on WhatsApp to
    07751 254138 (please don’t call this number it is just for sending photos) along with your email address.
  2. Someone will reply to you with all the necessary information, including if you are suitable for treatment, the treatment options, the treatment process, expectations, and a pricing breakdown.
  3. If you are happy after receiving all the information, we can arrange to get you in to the clinic for a face-to-face consultation, followed by skin tests if necessary, or your first treatment.

If you do not want a free online consultation (e.g. if you are not comfortable sending photos), we can get you booked in for a face-to-face consultation which will be £50.  Please be re-assured that if you do send photos, these are treated with the greatest privacy and sensitivity.  We prefer to review photos first to save wasting any time or money when you may not be suitable when seeing photos.  If you do not want a free online consultation and wish to book a face-to-face consultation for £50, please email and someone will send you appointment availability.


Treating skin conditions is not a quick fix.  There is a treatment process we need to follow which may involve multiple visits with tests, followed by MCA inkless needling first to prepare the skin before inking.  Also, different skin types are more suited to different methods of treatment due to risks involved.   On reviewing photos we can advise on the recommended treatment path for you.  We need to see photos first to be able to give an exact quotation, since the price depends on the numbers of areas, the size of the areas, and the complexity of scarring (apart from SMP treatments).  

To get an idea on pricing, please have a look at  We do have a more detailed price list which you can request by emailing  

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