Collagen Induction Therapy – Inkless MCA needling, Microneedling, Dermaroller

Online course for needling for treatment of scars, stretch marks & skin rejuvenation - learn inkless stretch mark removal with serums & much more. Inkless stretch marks training course.

What is Collagen Induction?

Collagen induction therapies are any treatments which stimulate the skin to produce new collagen (and elastin) through controlled trauma.  These treatments can be used for gentler skin rejuvenation, or more invasive options for the treatment of scars and stretch marks.

Collagen and elastin are needed to give skin a plump, smooth, bouncy texture.  The structure of these elements is disrupted following injury, and they both decline with age.

Although many different treatment options exist, needling has been shown to be the most effective method for skin repair and regeneration, when carried out correctly by a professional practitioner.

This training course covers 3 different needling treatment options for the treatment of many types of scars (stretch marks, acne scars, surgical or injury scars) and also for anti-aging.

Course format

The course is broken up in to 2 modules:

Module 1 – online
This module contains all the theory and instructions on how to perform the treatment.  It contains a mix of videos, diagrams, text and assessment, followed by a Certificate of Completion at the end.

Module 2 – classroom day (optional)
After completing Module 1, you have the option to attend a classroom day in London with guided practise on models.  Please note that if you are new to needling, some insurance companies require that you attend practical training to be covered.  On completion of Module 2, you will received a hard-printed, CPD accredited Certificate of Attendance.

CPD Accredited

The complete training course (modules 1 and 2) combined is a CPD accredited course, awarding 20 continued professional development hours / points.

MCA dry tattoo needling online training

What the course includes

The course is broken up in to lessons so you can work at your own pace and includes the following:

  • Skin Anatomy
  • Healing phases
  • Scar types
  • Skin types
  • Skin conditions
  • Collagen Induction Therapy options
  • Dermaroller
  • Microneedling (for scars, skin rejuvenation, hairloss)
  • MCA inkless needling (AKA dry needling)
  • Serum ingredients for inkless stretch mark removal
  • Suitable skin products during and after
  • Managing client expectations
  • Equipment
  • Needle configurations
  • Contraindications & Risks
  • Health & Safety, Legislation considerations
  • Aftercare
  • Pricing your services
  • Assessment

Inkless stretch mark tattooing AKA Dry Tattooing AKA MCA Needling

The inkless method for stretch mark and scar camouflage is fast becoming an extremely popular treatment.  Stretch mark tattooing with skin tone ink is also becoming more popular due to well-known Brazilian artists, but since the inkless method can also give fantastic results, it is a great service to be able to offer to your clients along side permanent makeup and other aesthetic treatments.  In fact, many clients need MCA needling first to smooth and flatten their scars and stretch marks before they can have any inking.  In most cases, they end up not having ink because the improvement with using just serums is enough to make a significant improvement.  Results vary between clients.  This course teaches you how to perform the treatment, and which serums to use to help repair the skin even faster.  The treatment used to be known as “dry” tattooing but we now use it with scar repair serums so is better known as MCA needling.

Learn how to treat stretch marks & scars with inkless MCA “dry” Needling

Learn how to rejuvenate skin with Microneedling and Dermaroller

MCA needling skin rejuvenation training
microneedling online training

How much can you earn from this treatment?

Treatment costs vary as it depends on the number of areas, the size of the areas, and the complexity of scars / stretch marks.  The table below gives you an average per customer paying £300 per session for a 1.5-2 hour timeslot.

Number of clients per day

income per day

income per week (based on 5 day week)

income per month (based on 5 day week)

income per year (based on 5 day week)
















Note that how much you charge will vary from £300 and this is just a moderate example given.  For example you may have a minimum charge like we do of £180 for a small scar tattoo coverup which may take you 30-40 minutes.  On the other hand, if someone is having multiple areas treated on the same visit, you will be charging them £600-£700 on one visit, which takes 4 hours more or less.  As you can see, it is a very profitable treatment.

How much is the course?

Module 1 – £449

The course is £449 for 90 days online access. 

If you complete this online course and want to continue on to the classroom day….

Module 2 – £449

x1 classroom day in London with live models for guided practise (optional).

Prices include 20% VAT
Prices do no include materials / products – the course will give recommendations on machines etc which start from £150+ for the machine.

PAY FOR BOTH MODULE 1 & MODULE 2 TOGETHER FOR A DISCOUNTED £798 (usually £898 – see options below) 


If you are UK based with no prior experience in needling or PMU, most insurance companies will require you to attend the class in person to obtain your accredited certificate


Paying in US Dollars or another currency?  The system will convert to your local currency after you have paid – this exchange rate is down to your bank who you are paying through.  

To get an idea of how much it is in your local currency, please go to

Please read our training course Terms & Conditions HERE

inkless strtetch mark scar training course accredited

Pricing does not include the equipment.  We recommend a microneedling pen on the course costing £150 and a tattoo pen costing £240 but there are many options out there which you will learn on the course.

Please check your insurance requirements before enrolling on the course.  We do not offer refunds once access has been granted.  Legislation differs from country to country.  We aim to provide the education to be able to perform the treatment but it is your responsibility to research your own legal requirements to be able to perform the treatment.

Next classroom dates:

Sunday 14th August at London  SOLD OUT

Sunday 11th September at London  SOLD OUT

Saturday 1st October at London  x1 place left

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stretch mark removal inkless technique

The most rewarding job you will ever do!
You will help people feel more confident and can literally change their lives!

How to enrol on the course?

All you need to do, is click on the link below to pay.  Once payment has gone through, you will automatically gain access to the online platform.

If you have any questions at all, please email

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