Online training course – Colour Theory for Skin Tones: Inks, Mixing & Matching for Scars, Stretch Marks, & Vitiligo Tattoo Camouflage

This is the world’s first and ONLY colour theory course to help you understand colour theory and how it affects skin tone ink colour mixing and matching for tattoo camouflaging scars, stretch marks, and vitiligo.

There are colour theory courses which cover colour theory in general, and some which apply to semi-permanent makeup for eyebrow ink colour selection and lip colours.  Since skin tattoo camouflage is now becoming more popular, it is important for artists to fully understand how to select the correct tones of ink based on how it heals in the skin for different clients. 

“Being experienced at semi-permanent makeup or traditional tattooing is not enough to just purchase skin tone inks and start treating people, with no idea on any considerations on skin type and factors which need to be addressed for natural results.  Because a brand sells a ‘scar set’ of inks, you are not meant to just select a colour straight out the bottle, – they are meant to be mixed for customised skin tone matching, taking in to consideration how ink heals in different skin tones.  I have written this course in the hope to help those who struggle or feel underconfident about correctly matching their client’s skin tone, and to fully understand everything that needs to be considered to get the most natural result possible.” Zena Bratcher, Teacher and Founder of Ink Illusions

Don’t be stuck using just one set or brand of inks – you will learn how to look for complimentary colours that work together to build a comprehensive recipe chart to help you custom blend colour for your clients

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What’s included on the course?

  • A look at colour theory basics
  • How colour theory can be applied to skin tone matching
  • Skin types
  • Pigments in the skin and how this affect overtones / undertones
  • Ink colours to look out for
  • Case studies with drops of inks used for clients
  • How to make your own colour mixing charts for brands: World Famous Inks, Eternal, Perma Blend, Brazilian / USA inks (multiple brands) – with recipe charts
  • How to work safely and ensure natural results
  • How to adjust colour for different skin types so it heals neutrally
  • Permanent vs semi-permanent inks, organic vs inorganic

Skin tone matching case studies

The course contains a lesson on case studies to show you the colour swatches against client’s skin, with the recipes containing the number of drops of different ink colours used, as well the number of drops of dilution.

These are to help you understand how to subtly adjust an ink mix to get closer to your client’s skin tone, using your colour charts as a starting point.

The mixing recipes also take in to account how ink heals differently in different skin tones, and uses colour theory to teach you which colours to add to alter the mix.

4 different colour mixing recipe charts

You will learn how to mix and create 4 different colour mixing charts using well-known inks from brands World Famous, Perma Blend, Eternal, plus the Brazilian-USA set which has evolved out of Brazil from Rodolpho Torres.  These recipes cover Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6, as well as explaining potential risks with some skin types.

The colour mixing sections contain videos demonstrating how to make your own charts, as well as downloadable PDFs with the recipes which you can use instead.

skin tone ink mixing colour chart

Learn about the pigments

Do you know the difference between permanent and semi-permanent inks?  There is a lot of mis-information out there, so learn the true differences.

Do you think organic inks are safer?  And do you think they are made from natural substances?  If you do, think again!  This course explains exactly what the differences are between organic and inorganic inks, including ingredients, stability and longevity.

Learn how to get natural results! 
Don’t risk mistakes through lack of knowledge on colours and dilution.

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone already trained in paramedical tattooing for disguising scars, stretch marks, hypopigmentation (vitiligo etc) who have at least 6 months experience.

You will have done practical, hands-on training before enrolling on this course and been practising the techniques on clients for 6 months +.

classroom photo of students learning colour theory for skin tone tattooing

Who is the course NOT suitable for?

The training course isn’t suitable for anyone not trained specifically in scar tattoo camouflage, or with less than 6 months experience.  If you are a PMU artist (brows / lips)  then this treatment is very different and you will need to complete the full training course so your knowledge is at the correct level before treating clients.  The full training course also contains all the same colour theory education.

The course is not suitable for those trained in regular tattooing – again there are quite a few differences so you will need to complete the full training course for scar camouflage which includes this colour theory content also.

The course is not accessible to trainers or training academies who intend to use the content for re-education or re-sale.  The content of this course, including the colour mixing charts, are copyrighted and are only to be used by individual artists to help treat their clients.  If you wish to learn about the pigments and colour theory, you are able to take the full training course but this is also copyrighted.

Course access is allowed via x1 IP address (computer location) with one login session per user at any one time to prevent multiple logins.

How much is the course?


The course is £549 for 90 days access. 

If you complete this course and want to continue on to do the full training for scar & stretch mark tattoo camouflage, the price of this course will be deducted – please email us for a discount code once you have completed this Colour Theory Online Training.

How to enrol on the course?

Access to this online course is by application.  To be able to take this course, you must already be trained in medical tattooing for scar camouflage and have at least 6 months experience.  This course isn’t available to trainers or those applying on behalf of trainers.  You will need to apply through the form below and upload your certificate for proof of previous training, and your identification documents – we will verify this.  If your application is successful you will be sent a link which will enable automatic access after payment.



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