Emergency 48 hour Eyebrow Tattoo / Microblading Removal

emergency eyebrow tattoo removal li-ft

Ink Illusions offers eyebrow tattooing / microblading removal in London and Hertfordshire.  If you have had semi-permanent / permanent eyebrow treatment completed within 48 hours that you are not happy with, then we can help!

We have a treatment where we can prepare and then soak your eyebrows in Li-FT solution to try to stop your body from retaining the implanted ink.  After treatment we have to see how much pigment was retained, and how much we managed to draw up to the top layer of the skin for it to be shed off within 6 weeks.  If you do have any remaining pigment after the emergency treatment, we can perform further removal sessions after 8 weeks since the original tattooing procedure.

Please note that the emergency eyebrow tattoo removal service can completely stop your body from retaining ink, but we don’t know in advance how much ink will be accepted in the skin, so we can’t guarantee any results.  We can only do what is known to be a successful treatment to try to stop your skin from retaining ink, using a process of osmosis using salt and saline.

For those clients who have had their eyebrows tattooed longer than 48 hours after, you will have to wait 6 weeks before you can have treatment to remove them.  If your eyebrow tattooing / microblading was performed much longer ago, we can offer treatment with either Li-FT or NPM products.  Please note that eyebrow removal on older eyebrows is not a quick fix (see below).

emergency eyebrow removal

How many sessions will I need?

How many sessions will depend on many different variables:

What is the pigment to be removed?
Inks which are carbon based will be removed more quickly, iron oxides are larger and take longer.  However, we rarely know what pigment has been implanted.

How many layers?
If you have had several treatments of eyebrow tattoos over the years, this layers up on top of each other, pushing older pigment further in to the skin, so it will take longer to bring those layers up to the top of the surface to shed off.

Is there Titanium?
Titanium is the largest particle size (used in white pigment which could be in the mixture) so if the pigment contains this, the ink is heavier and will take longer to remove.  

How deep was it implanted?
This will be down to the artist that performed the treatment.  The deeper they went, the longer it will take to be drawn up to the top of the skin during sessions.

How saturated is the pigment?
The more saturated the ink, the more pigment there is to remove, so the longer it will take to remove.

Where on the body are we removing?
The further away from the heart the tattoo is, the longer it will take.  Healing is also slower the further away from the heart the location is.

Oily vs. dry skin?
Oil will get in the way of pigment trying to move up to the top of the skin layers, so in those with more oily skin, the process will take longer.

The client’s own skin and healing process?
This is down to your immune system, metabolism, activity level, age, generally how quickly your body heals itself.

The client after care regimen?
It is essential to follow all aftercare given at your consultation for the best chance of a result.  This includes (but is not limited to) making sure you don’t pick of scabs too early.

How much is is?

Working hours  Brentwood / London Liverpool Street Mon- Fri, 9am-7pm: £99

All appointments are subject to availability

If you miss the 48 hour window then please don’t worry – you can still have successful removal but you will have to wait 6 weeks for the skin to have completely healed before coming in for your first removal session.  With new tattoo ink, it is possible to remove the ink within the first session, although we can’t predict or guarantee this.

Removals can take anywhere from 1-10 sessions, depending on the factors explained above.

Please note that although it is called “removal” essentially it is “lightening” since we can’t predict if all the ink can be removed.

If you have a dark skin type and are prone to hyperpigmentation, then there is a risk that needling can cause pigmentation issues.  Obivously this pigmentation discoloration may be preferable to very bad tattooed eyebrows!  There is also a risk of hypopigmentation where you lose pigment in the skin.  Again, if we can fade the badly draw eyebrows down, then any pigmentation issues can be hidden with new, better eyebrows.

skin tone tattoo removal

Chemical removal can also be used for other kinds of tattooing where laser isn’t an option, such as skin tone scar camouflage.

Eyebrows can look very red straight after treatment – not necessarily but be prepared.

This is 4 weeks healed after the lady’s 4th session.  The original pigment was very saturated so it will take longer to remove.


Although this is called an emergency removal service, this is not the same as calling 999 for the police / ambulance!  Please call during office working hours 9am-5.30pm or you can contact us on email info@ink-illusion.com or WhatsApp 07751 254138 – someone will let know if we can fit you in for an appointment within 48 hours of your permanent makeup procedure.  If you miss this time window, we can arrange to see you for lightening the pigment 6 weeks following your eyebrow tattoo session, once the skin has finished healing.

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