Basics Anti-wrinkle Botox Online & Classroom Training Course

This foundationcourse is a 1 or 2 part training course (part 2 is optional) in basic anti-wrinkle injections (upper face only).

You may take the online part of the course as a refresher, or if you are a beginner and wish to continue to classroom practical training in anti-wrinkle injections (Botox, Azzulure, BoCouture etc) in part 2.

This online module 1 DOES NOT replace hands-on classroom training and you have the option at the end of the online module to upgrade to classroom training on live models, only if you wish.  Most insurance companies require classroom practical experience as part of your training.  

On completion of the classroom practical days, you will receive a hard-copy printed Certificate of Attendance (CPD accredited), as well as other features (see below).

What’s included on the online course?

The online course covers basic anti-wrinkle injection theory (Crow’s Feet, Frown Lines (elevensies), Forehead Lines, Bunny Lines, Lip Lift.  This includes diagrams, videos and explanations of how to do the treatment.

The course covers basic anti-wrinkle injection areas only – Crow’s Feet, Frown Lines (elevensies), Forehead Lines, Bunny Lines, Mini Lip Lift.  This course does not cover Advanced Anti-wrinkle Training.

The lesson titles are:

  • Introduction
  • What is Botox and botulinum toxin
  • Facial Anatomy & Physiology Basics
  • Preparation
  • How to Inject & How Deep
  • How Many Units Do you Need to Inject?
  • Ptosis and Eyebrow Lifting / Correcting
  • Which Products to Use?
  • Client Aftercare Advice
  • Records & Consent Forms
  • Managing Your Client Expectations
  • Pricing
  • Finding A Prescriber
  • Legislation
  • Anti-wrinkle Toxin Myths
  • Final Quiz
  • Supporting Each Other
  • Certificate Download

You will also receive email support following the online module for 30 days.

You will have access to the online training course for 30 days.

You can complete the online module in around a day.  If you do not continue with classroom training, you can still purchase a printed manual for future reference at the end of the online training course.  You will not receive an accredited Certificate of Attendance unless you attend classroom training also but you will receive an accredited certificate of online training.

Online Module 1 – Special offer price £99 + VAT (£118.80)

(price will increase to £249 +VAT from February 2022)

Please note that the online theory training doesn’t include any support – if you would like on-going support, please upgrade to the full classroom training.

What’s included in the Classroom Training Days?

botox course 12 hours

The classroom training price includes the following:

  • Venue (Central London – London Liverpool Street)
  • Theory Recap
  • x2-3 live model practice
  • Toxin and Materials Costs
  • Prescription Costs
  • Printed Manual
  • Printed Accredited Certificate of Attendance
  • Prescriber Contacts
  • Ongoing Support for 6 months

You must complete the online theory module before attending classroom days.  Only 2 students per class so you get the personal attention you need.

The course is UK CPD accredited.

Please check your insurance requirements before enrolling as every insurer has different requirements and policies.  All will want you to have completed an accredited course and had hands-on training.

To enroll on a classroom day, please contact for available dates.

Classroom Module 2 Price – £649 + VAT (£778.80)

Please email to find out when the next classroom training day is available.

Next classroom dates:

Sunday 6th March at London Liverpool Street  x2 places available

Saturday 2nd April at London Liverpool Street  x2 places available

Feedback from students

botox training feedback online
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