Non-refundable booking deposit policy

Why do we take a non-refundable booking deposit?

Booking deposits are requested to secure an appointment slot.  This is mostly to stop time wasters or those who are not serious about booking who may not turn up, or not show up entirely.  We do also understand that circumstances may arise out of anyone’s control that result in a late cancellation, so this policy is also to protect the clinic from losses.

The clinic is extremely busy and by booking a client in on our system, this then prevents another client from taking that time.

Booking deposits are transferrable to another appointment on a later date when at least 48 hours’ notice is given.  If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, the deposit is forfeited and it is not possible to use this against another booking.

Please note our policy is STRICT and we do not accept any reasons, whether it is a client’s fault or not.  It is also not the fault of Ink Illusions and we have costs to bear when someone late cancels.  

Please consider the cost of the following to the clinic:

  1. Paying the practitioner
  2. The practitioner’s costs to travel in to the London clinic for treatment
  3. Rental costs and bills for the time allocated
  4. Admin costs for emails, booking in, dealing with calls, cancelling on the system etc.

Unfortunately, if a client doesn’t value the time or costs involved in a late cancellation, we will not book them in again.  

If you do not agree with our policy then we may not be the suitable clinic for you, sorry! 

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