100% breathable, natural, plant-based skincare for micropigmentation or tattooing aftercare

Natural, plant-based tattoo and micropigmentation aftercare for skin. Clinically proven to speed up the healing process by letting the skin breathe and by providing nutrients to aid skin repair.  These products are great for any skin repair needs for permanent makeup artists, tattoo artists, scalp micropigmentation artists, and tattoo removal practitioners (chemical / laser).  You will see a marked improvement with ink retention and reduction in healing time.


Membrane MicroTonic (1 x 4oz bottle)



Membrane Micro Tonic pillow pack 15ml (pack of 10)


Membrane MicroTonic
(30 x 15ml pillow packs)



Membrane MicroGel 2oz


membrane microgel mini 0.5 oz single

Membrane MicroGel Mini 0.5oz

Membrane MicroGel Mini 0.5 oz
(box of 12)


5 Pack Membrane MicroBalm Vegan
(3ml Button Jars)


Membrane MicroBalm healing salve uk box 30

Membrane MicroBalm (60 x 5ml pillow packs)


membrane microbalm tube- oz uk

Membrane MicroBalm (2oz tube)


microbalm pillow packs single-membrane postcare uk

10 Pack MicroBalm Pillow Packs
(5ml each)


membrane after care removalrescue box

Membrane Removal Rescue Mini 0.5oz
Box of 12


membrane postcare removal rescue uk

Membrane Removal Rescue Mini 0.5oz

microbalm scalp jar membrane-postcare uk micropigmentation

Membrane MicroBalm 5.5 1/2oz jar scalp SMP healing salve

membrane Scalp pro smp aftercare product

Scalp Pro 5.5 SMP
Match Box Set


membrane aftercare vegan microbalm

MicroBalm Vegan – (2oz Jar)



membrane postcare microbalm vegan pillow packs 5ml

Membrane MicroBalm VEGAN x10 5ml Pillow Packs


MicroPH7 skin cleanser by membrane postcare 10ml mini

x1 MicroPH7 Bio-Active All Purpose Skin Cleanser – (10ml Minis)

microPH7 minis skin cleanser-membrane postcare 10ml x5

x5 MicroPH7 Bio-Active All Purpose Skin Cleanser – (10ml Minis)


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