Our scar and stretch mark micropigmentation training is now online!

Ink Illusions is the UK’s only scar camouflage tattoo micropigmentation training course that teaches the Brazilian Stretch Mark tattoo camouflage technique, as well as comparing to traditional scar & vitiligo micropigmentation techniques.  It also explains the basics of MCA dry-needling and microneedling.

The Course

Ink Illusions have created an online portal to give students access to the theoretical learning prior to attending 2 classroom days.

The online module allows you to work in your own time and at your own pace, from any location you want. 

You will gain an in-depth understanding of theory from various topics such as Anatomy & Physiology, Health and Safety, Colour Theory, Organic vs Inorganic Inks, Colour Matching & Mixing, Required Materials (and where to buy), Shading Techniques, a full session walk-through, Managing Client Expectations and much more.  You will also get a full set of medical history and consent forms to use.

The lessons have text, photos, illustrations, videos and assessment to keep the content engaging.  The course is split in to lessons and topics so you can complete step by step, take breaks and resume where you left off.

Please read our training course Terms & Conditions HERE

Total Price: £2249- £2399 (3 day course)

Get started now with the following payment options of 1, 3 or 7 instalments:

stripe payment logoPAYMENT OPTION 1

Stripe (all major debit / credit cards)


x1 Instalment of £2249

This option enables automatic access to Module 1 online, followed by Module 2 (x2 classroom days or Skype / Zoom if preferred) once completed, when you are ready to book.

TOTAL £2249 (save £150 compared to Klarna option)

Make sure you select the Stripe option (top right of form) on the check out page.

stripe payment logo


Stripe (all major debit / credit cards)


x1 Instalment of £1000 to start Module 1

x1 Instalment of £1000 to attend Module 2 (only when you are ready to book)

x1 payment of £349 before day 1 of classroom activities

TOTAL £2349 (save £50 compared to Klarna option)

Make sure you select the Stripe option (top right of form) on the check out page.

You will only be asked to pay £1000 initially for access to the online Module 1.

klarna payment logo


Klarna (UK ONLY* – subject to their credit approval) 


 x3 monthly Instalments of £333.33 to start Module 1

 x3 monthly Instalments of £333.33 to attend Module 2 (only when you are ready to book)

x1 payment of £399 before day 1 of classroom activities

TOTAL £2399

Make sure you select the Klarna option (bottom right of form) on the check out page.

You will only be asked to pay Klarna £1000 in x3 monthly instalments of £333.33 initially for Module 1.

Please note a certificate will not be awarded until you have completed both modules 1 & 2.

If you would prefer to pay in one lump sum USING BANK TRANSFER, please get in contact with us.

Enrolment is a commitment to complete the full course (Modules 1 & 2).  Once access has been given, there are no refunds.

*Klarna is currently only available to those with a UK billing address / payment card.

Prices do not include materials.  Price includes a £500 non-refundable booking deposit.

International Students

If you are not based in the UK and are not able to attend Module 2 classroom days, it is possible for you to complete the online training course Module 1 only.  In replacement of Module 2 you will receive further videos explaining how to mix your colour match charts (Module 2b), and further explanations on adjusting colours using colour theory, on a model.  You would need to purchase the inks in advance to be able to follow the instructions for mixing your colour charts on Module 2b.  You can order the inks from Ink Illusions, or source these yourself in your own country if you wish.  All inks and materials are explained on the online course.

Please note:  If you just complete the online training, you will receive a Certificate Of Online Training (non-accredited).  If you can make it to the UK for training in person, it is much more beneficial as our teacher can guide you better with your techniques and checking your pressure on a live model, checking your skin tone matching is correct for lives models, and making sure you understand everything.

If you would like to just take the online training, you can purchase this here:



On completion of Modules 1 and 2 (Online and Classroom days), you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.  On successful completion of 3 case studies, you will receive a Certificate of Excellence. Certificates are awarded once students have completed both Modules 1 and 2 and are handed out on the final classroom day of training.

UK Accredited Training Course

This training course is CPD accredited in the UK.


You can order a package of materials to include everything you need to get started with scar camouflage tattooing.  This includes the machine, inks etc.  This is priced at £1150 – if collecting on classroom training days, must be ordered 3 weeks prior to attending.  A full materials list is available on the training course at which point students can decide if they wish to purchase all materials separately themselves, or order a whole kit from us.

Pre-requisites for joining

This UK Accredited training course is currently a Masterclass for those experienced in tattooing, semi-permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation.   We also accept nurses, dentists, doctors and Beauty Therapists NVQ Level 3.  This training course is classed as “Medical Tattooing” and is CPD Accredited, which is a recognised certification by insurers.

If you are a beginner, we can allow you to join us under some circumstances, depending on yuor background and experience.  You would need to enquire with insurers for cover before enrolling.  Please email us if this applies to you.

You may need qualifications or experience to allow insurance cover for Medical Micropigmentation – you are required to make your own enquiries with your insurance company about cover before enrolling on this course., since they each have their own differing requirements.


Classroom training days are currently held at the following location:

Ink Illusions
27 Finsbury Circus
London Liverpool Street

Have a question before booking?  Get in touch below.

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