Generic Fit Universal Microneedling Cartridges for Tattoo Pen Machine

$23.99 (ex VAT)

x10 Universal microneedling cartridges.

Sterilised stainless steel meso microneedling cartridges to fit any standard tattoo machine pen.  See further description below.


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Microneedling cartridges available that fit ANY standard tattoo-based machine or pen. No expensive microneedling machine or over-priced cartridges required.  Generic fit microneedling cartridges.

Fits all popular machines including MAST Tour, Xion S, Flux S, Microbeau Bella, AXYS Valhalla and Valkyr, Cheyenne, Bishop, Dragonhawk and many more.

These cartridges have 12-pin heads, perfect for microneedling facials, or needling scars / stretch marks.

Each cartidge is sterile containing an expiry date and lot number for your records.

Sold in batches of x10 cartridges for $28.79 ($2.87 each).

  • Superior quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.
  • Excellent stability, less vibration.
  • Medical 316 stainless steel.
  • Back-flow membrane.
  • Sterilisation certified by Gamma Ray
  • Single use only.
  • Professional use and home use.


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