What serum is used for the inkless stretch mark tattoo camouflage technique?

There are many different ingredients which can go in to the serum mix for the treatment of scars and stretch marks.  Some artists make their own serum and some buy off-the-shelf products that are known to be suitable for inkless stretch mark tattooing (such as Hyaluronic Acid).  The best serum for inkless stretch mark tattooing technique contains a blend of oils and other vitamins, including Vitamin C.  

Ink Illusions is releasing their own serum in August 2023 containing all the necessary ingredients for this treatment, in sterile vials, ready to use on your clients.  We have gone an extra step and added boosting amino acids to our serum.  Our serum is like no other available on the market and yields amazing results in the treatment of scars and stretch marks.  The serum can be used to treat white, dark and red stretch marks (subject to client suitability assessment).

The serum will be available for international shipping.  We are also looking for distributors outside of the UK.   If you would like to be notified when the Scar & Stretch Mark Inkless Tattooing serum is available for sale, please complete the form below.

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