Colour Theory for Skin Tones: Inks, Mixing & Matching for Scar, Stretch Mark, & Vitiligo Tattoo Camouflage

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Welcome to the online training course for skin tone colour theory, mixing and matching for scars and stretch marks.

This course is for artists already trained in paramedical tattooing for scar camouflage who would like to learn further about how colour theory applies with modifying colours to more accurately match skin tones.  The course also provides multiple colour mixing charts for several brands of ink, so you are not tied to a particular brand.  You can also apply the knowledge of colour mixing to your own preferred set of inks if you wish.

The course covers colour theory and mixing, as well as some other considerations relating to skin type which you need to know.  There are also some case studies explaining what mix of inks were used for clients.

Ink mixing recipes included: (1) The Brazilian / USA set (originating in Brazil by Rodolpho Torres and improved upon in USA and the UK),  (2) World Famous Inks, (3) Perma Blend, (4) Eternal Inks.  You will be provided with instructions on how to create your own colour mixing sheets to be able to use on your clients to accurately match their skin tone.

Read more about the course here:

If you would like to learn how to perform the actual treatment, about different scar types,  tattooing techniques, anatomy & physiology, the materials required (machines / needles), risks and contraindications, skin disorders, managing client expectations, aftercare, download all consent forms, you will need to complete the full training course which you can access here:

Notice: if you are a trainer or training academy, the colour mixing recipes and combination of inks used are strictly copyrighted and you will have to agree in the contract at the start of the course that you will not re-distribute any of the content.  The course is slotely for practitioners wishing to treat their own clients.  Any breach of copyright will result in legal action.

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