Brazilian Stretch Marks & Scar Tattoo Camouflage Masterclass

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Welcome to the UK’s first Brazilian Stretch Marks & Scar Camouflage Masterclass!

This is a 2-part training course with Module 1 online, followed by Module 2 of 2 days in the classroom.

This training course offers you everything you need to know to start your new career in this ever-growing new treatment.

The course contains videos showing the technique and a full treatment walk-through, as well as illustrations, text and quizzes to test your knowledge.

At the end of this online training module, you will be required to attend 2 classroom days for practical experience in colour mixing, tattooing on fake skin, followed by tattooing on live models.  Please note you will receive a manual when you attend the live training days.

You will only receive a Certificate of Completion when you have attended live training and completed modules 1 and 2.

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