Stretch mark camouflage tattoo Brentwood Essex

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks in Brentwood, Essex
Stretch mark camouflage tattoo Brentwood Essex Ink Illusions
Stretch mark camouflage tattoo Brentwood Essex Ink Illusions

Ink Illusions offers stretch mark tattoo camouflage in the Essex area.  This covers Brentwood, Shenfield, Ongar, Chelmsford, Pilgrims Hatch, Hutton, Warley, Mountnessing, Billericay and beyond.

Have a look above and below at some before and after photos on how we can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks in as little as one or two sessions by tattooing either with scar repair serums or tattoo ink, or sometimes even a combination of both.  The same methods can also be used to improve the appearance of surgical and injury scars.

Stretch mark camouflage tattoo Brentwood Essex Ink Illusions
Stretch mark camouflage tattoo Brentwood Essex Ink Illusions

Ink Illusions offers stretch mark tattoo camouflage in Brentwood, Essex.

What is Stretch mark camouflage tattooing?

We implant (with tattooing techniques) a custom blended skin tone ink in to your stretch marks to help them blend in more and therefore become less noticeable.  We do this in a natural way so the ink doesn’t look obvious and so that it will fade slowly over time (usually 3-10 years).

How many sessions of stretch mark tattooing will I need?

How many sessions will depend on many different variables.

Usually 2 sessions of stretch mark tattooing are required for the complete result.  This will depend on many factors such as your skin type, ink retention, age, body’s immune system, lifestyle, activeness, and following aftercare.  Sometimes the skin will need preparing for inking first with MCA inkless tattooing / needling.  In many cases this is enough to improve the stretch marks without the need for ink, but some clients will still need ink afterwards.  If the stretch marks are wrinkly or deeper than the surrounding skin, then you will definitely need MCA inkless tattooing first (formerly known as dry-tattooing).

To read more about MCA inkless needling, please see:

Is stretch mark tattooing suitable for all skin types?

If you have a dark skin type and are prone to hyperpigmentation, then there is a risk that needling can cause further pigmentation to be stimulated.  Obviously this pigmentation is needed in lighter stretch marks, so we can use this to our advantage.  However, usually a patch test is carried out of inkless MCA needling and a colour match test to see which treatment may be best suited.

If you have very pale skin, there is a possibility that the ink will be noticeable due to the transparency of the skin and not all pale skin types will be able to have treatment.  We would have to do a colour match test to assess the healed result.

How long does it take to see results?

This depends on your skin type, your immune system, following your aftercare, your age, and if you are prone to hyperpigmentation.  With stretch mark tattoo camouflage, it usually takes 60 days at least for the colour to have completely settled.  If you have the inkless method of stretch mark camouflage, this is usually 6 weeks, although this can be significantly longer if you are prone to hyperpigmentation.

Can I completely get rid of my stretch marks?

It is not possible to remove stretch marks completely.  It is possible to shrink and smooth them, as well as bring back natural pigmentation, sometimes with the help of tattoo ink.  We can disguise stretch marks and improve their appearance but understand we can’t get rid of them completely.

Stretch mark camouflage tattoo Brentwood Essex Ink Illusions

Where in Brentwood are you?

The Brentwood clinic in Essex is at our lead practitioner Zena’s home in a private garden clinic, on Kimpton Avenue.  Bookings are made by pre-arranged appointments only.

If you would prefer to be seen at our London Liverpool Street Clinic, this is based in Finsbury Circus.  

Please enquire for appointment availability at either location.

How do I book in for stretch mark treatment?

The first step to book an appointment for stretch mark treatment is for us to assess suitability for treatment.  We offer a free initial consultation online which starts with you sending us clear photos of the entire area(s) you would like treated.  These photos can be sent to or privately on WhatsApp to 07751 254138.  Once we have received the photos, one of our team will be in touch to advise you on suitability, treatment options, expectations, and a pricing breakdown.  Please also send over your email address with your photos if you contact us via WhatsApp.  Once all information has been read and understand and treatment is possible, we can get you in for a face-to-face consultation in Brentwood, Essex, or London Liverpool Street if you prefer.

If you are looking for stretch mark removal or stretch mark treatment by tattoo camouflage in Brentwood then please get in touch

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