Botulinum Toxin Anti-Wrinkle injection Basics

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I see a lot of practitioners asking about Botox placement (or other branded toxins) which does concern me if this hasn’t been taught properly on training courses. I just wanted to put together a very affordable short course with some basics on botulinum toxin injection placement, areas to avoid, how to lift the brows, correct a higher brow, avoid eyelid droop, how to treat frown lines, forehead lines, bunny lines, Crow’s feet and give a mini lip lift. Here you will find diagrams, videos and advice on where to inject, as well as how much to inject and how deep to inject. I briefly cover how much saline for toxin reconstitution, which needles to use, facial anatomy considerations and managing client expectations. Please note, that other than the mini lip lift, this guide only covers upper face muscles – lower face is much more complicated and required advanced training.

NOTE:  This course does not replace hands-on training – this is a guide for those of you who need a refresher, or perhaps you were misguided on the training you had already.  It is also for those who wish to learn Basic Anti-wrinkle Injections who will then follow on to the classroom days in London.  This course is not intended for practitioners to watch and start treating clients with no hands-on practical experience.  Insurance companies will require you to have attended classroom days.  You will receive a certificate and you have to option to order a manual for future reference.  You also have the option at the end to upgrade to classroom days where you will be awarded on completion a CPD Accredited certificate, as this course is accredited for 12 CPD hours including classroom training.

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