What is the inkless stretch mark removal camouflage treatment?

The Inkless Techique – the best stretch mark treatment

Did you know what 80-90% of women have stretch marks, and a large percentage of men also?  Most people think they are unable to remove of improve the appearance of their stretch marks, due to trying many methods of stretch mark removal, or thinking that it simply isn’t possible to do anything.  

I am Zena Bratcher, the founder of Ink Illusions and have been treating stretch marks for several years now.  I absolutely love my job and will only provide services which I think can potentially help clients.  I gain great satisfaction in being able to help my clients and bring back their confidence.

Over the years I have met many clients who have tried other methods of stretch mark removal, including topical creams or serums, and laser, which can be extremely costly.  Because clients have tried many better known treatment methods, when presented with the inkless method they have at times been very skeptical on if it will work.  I can assure you that in the years I have been performing this treatment, I have only ever had one client who said they didn’t see any improvement after just 1 session of the inkless techniaue, keeping in mind that sometimes several sessions are needed and it is worth persisting.  I have put some feedback below from clients showing you that is really can work.  There are factors involved which determine how successful this treatment can be, and again I have included a section on this below.

What is the inkless stretch mark removal method?

The inkless stretch mark treatment uses very fine tattoo needles to focus solely on the damaged skin tissue only, whilst leaving the rest of the skin alone.  This is in comparison to microneedling, which uses a much bigger needle cartridge covering a larger area.  By using a thin tattoo needle, we are able to penetrate the skin more easily, and target stretch marks much more accurately.  It is far more effective compared to microneedling.  The inkless method not only creates micro-channels in the skin in which to insert useful serums to help repair the skin, but it also breaks down the scar tissue to stimulate the skin to repair and restructure itself.  It isn’t possible to improve stretch marks unless you break down the scar tissue in this way, which is why laser is far less effective.

A mix of oils, vitamins, and other skin repairing ingredients are deeply penetrated to work to improve skin cell turnover, reconstruction and rejuvenation of collagen, fibroblast cells, and Elastin. Whether your stretch marks are purple. red, or white, this natural treatment can reduce your stretch marks 20%-100% after just one session.

Why is it called the Inkless Tattoo Camouflage?

The reason the technique is called the inkless tattoo camouflage, is because it is possible to get stretch marks tattooed using ink.  However, we use a similar method still using a tattoo machine and tattoo needles with serum instead of ink.   The use of serums can be very effective without ink and this treatment has become very popular with permanent makeup artists and beauty therapists worldwide.

The treatment also goes by many other names as follows:

  1. MCA needling
  2. Dry Tattooing
  3. Collagen Induction / Collagen Induction Therapy
  4. Medical needling

Can all skin types and stretch marks be treated?

Stretch marks need to be at least 18 months old before you can have treatment on them.  The reason being that they are still healing and may well still settle further on their own.  Treating too soon can cause irreversible damage, so it is very important you remain patient.

How quickly will I see results on my stretch marks?

Be aware that any treatments on skin take time.  There is no overnight fix.  The skin turnover rate is around 4 weeks.  With inkless MCA needling, we leave at least 6 weeks between treatments, to make sure the skin has had adequate time to heal.  

For clients prone to hyperpigmentation, this healing time can take a lot longer and will depend on the individual how long this will be.  We will keep an eye on your healing progress and advise when another sessions can be booked.

Following treatment the stretch marks will be sore, red, and swollen.  This is completely normal and this will subside over the coming days.

You must follow the aftercare regime strictly to make sure you heal as quickly as possible, which includes wearing loose clothing so there is no rubbing on the skin whilst it is trying to heal.

The main thing to understand here is to trust the process and be patient – the stretch marks will look a lot worse and darker before they eventually lighten up and look before than before treatment.

Is stretch mark inkless tattooing painful?

The answer to this questions depends on your pain threshold. Some areas are more sensitive than other.  You can if you wish apply a topical anesthetic numbing cream to the area to make the treatment more comfortable, if you are particularly sensitive to pain.  Most clients say that it is painless.  Some clients state that it tickles, whilst most say it feels like a gentle scratching.  Anyone who has had a regular tattoo say it’s not as bad as having a normal tattoo.  I would also recommend not having treatment right before your period if you are a female, and definitely make sure you eat and drink plenty of water before treatment – blood sugar levels play a part in pain sensitivity too.

How many sessions will I need to remove my stretch marks?

It is never possible to predict your skin response since everyone is different and there are many external factors the contribute to the results.

How long does each session need?

The treatment time will vary depending on the complexity of stretch marks and the size of the area(s) being treated.  I have given some examples below of how long the treatments took.

2 Hours (both arms – medium complexity stretch marks)

1.5 hours (both calves, minimal well-defined stretch marks)

Before and after inkless stretch mark removal photos

stomach strech mark treatment
inkless stretch mark tattoo technique

Inkless stretch mark technique training

If you would like to learn this technique and offer this to your clients, we provide a very comprehensive training course.  You can complete the training purely online if you are unable to visit for classroom training.  The complete information is part of Module 1 online for the inkless stretch mark removal training.  In the UK, you are also able to come in to the classroom for Module 2 for guided practise on models.  To read more, please see: https://www.ink-illusion.com/training-course-collagen-induction-therapy-101-inkless-mca-needling-microneedling-dermaroller-scars-stretch-marks-face/

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