MCA Skin Needling

What is MCA Needling?

MCA needling is an abbreviation of Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation.  It is a medical procedure for the treatment of scars using tattoo needles.  Formally it was known as MCA Dry Needling but legislation changes in the UK means the treatment must be performed with the use of a product, such as sterile Hyaloronic Acid.  At Ink Illusions we actually use a meso cocktail made especially for scar repair, which helps further still with scar repair.  It is a common mistake that MCA needling is the same as Microneedling.  MCA needling is more targeted and invasive, leading to much better results in the treatment if scars, compared to microneedling.

What kind of scars can be treated with MCA needling?

MCA needling is a great treatment for the improvement of all kinds of scars – surgical scars, injury scars, acne scars, and stretch marks.  It can also be used to treat wrinkles!  The only type of scars that can’t be treated are Keloid scars, since needling can make the scar worse.

How much improvement is achievable?

Many factors outside of our control determine the results of treatment.  This includes the age of the client, the client’s immune system, their skin type, their lifestyle, and following the aftercare.  We can’t predict the skin response but MCA needling is a clinically proven treatment to help improve the appearance of scars.  Have a look yourself at the examples below to see what is possible.  The image on the left is after just one session!  The image on the right is after 3 sessions.

MCA Skin Needling Ink Illusions
MCA Skin Needling Ink Illusions