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Ink Illusions has been operating since 2018 providing medical tattoo services and training.

We are looking for an enthusiastic team member to join Ink Illusions to help take the business to the next level.

This is a sales only role, but also making good use of online platforms to increase business, as well as communicating with potential customers through to closing the sale.  You will be working with our existing social media person to bring in new leads and close them.

The right candidate will have a proven record of hitting sales targets consistently.

Must be able to perform non-pushy or script-based sales techniques to approach potential students and clients for training and treatments.

You will be full of ideas on what we need to do to help us grow the business and get the word out there (brochures  / attending shows etc).  You will be comfortable approaching clinics (walk-ins, posting information, calls) and making cold calls.  You will be familiar with finding relevant Facebook groups and starting conversations to attract attention to the website / Instagram.

The role entails dealing with leads, from initial contact through to booking them in, either through email, social media, or telephone where necessary.  You must be able to keep track of your own leads through to sales.

The ideal candidate must:

  1. have excellent verbal and written English skills with close attention to spelling and grammar
  2. be willing to quickly learn the business inside-out
  3. work independently without the need for micro-management
  4. have strong common sense and think for themselves
  5. pay close attention to detail when liaising with clients
  6. have a sense of empathy for clients and their conditions they are looking to have treated
  7. have an eye for design (graphic design background a massive plus)

You should be fully capable and comfortable with carrying out the following tasks:

    • Contacting people directly
    • Engagement on social media (following, liking, commenting)
    • Directly messaging people on social media
    • Making phone calls to clinics / colleges
    • Post brochures (where you have already called to get the person in charge’s name)
    • Visiting clinics (travel costs covered)
    • Coming up with new ideas on how to get busy (exhibition researching, where to do presentations / talks, fair, webinar / “live” broadcast ideas and planning).
    • Constistently joining Facebook groups and commenting or starting natural conversations
    • Weekly Zoom calls to go through what has been achieved
    • Learning the services we offer inside out
    • Contacting influencers for collabs
    • Looking at ways we can work with other business in related industries

The position would initially be on a freelance basis, with 10% commission to be paid on sales of training course or treatments booked.  Targets will need to be met each month for both training and treatment bookings, with all your sales tracked by you.  Sales figures / bookings will be transparent.  Potential for permanent full-time employment and larger responsibilities in the future as the business grows. Potential for huge earnings on meeting targets.  Pay can be discussed further if you are interested.

Hours are negotiable.  Must be able to attend London Liverpool Street for initial training on the business.  Remaining work can be remote.

Experience in the beauty / aesthetics industry is a massive plus.

The treatments and training we offer are VERY NICHE so this should be easy for anyone good at old-fashioned, traditional sales.

Please do not contact us if you provide services like paid advertising or just social media.  We are not interested in working with remote agencies and need someone to get involved on a more personal note, coming in to the office from time to time.  This is a commission-based role so you will feel confident in your ability to earn high from your sales skills.

What this job is not: this job is not a digital marketing job creating online content  – it is a sales driven job for someone passionate about sales and growing the business by online and offline strategies.  We already have social media covered by someone and you would be working closely with them.  It is also not an apprentice role – you should know your job role and be better than us at sales & marketing – we don’t have time to teach anyone how to do sales / marketing, and need someone to jump straight in and tell us what needs to be done.  Please only apply if you have relevant and proven sales experience.

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