Bronze starter kit for students only (full camo course)


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This is the materials pack for Ink Illusions paying students.  Price doesn’t include shipping – the materials can be collected on Day 1 of your classroom activities.  If you would like the materials before then, we can arrange to have them sent to you with an additional cost for postage and packaging.

  • Set of inks + dilution
  • Corded Tattoo Machine OR wireless (you decide)
  • Power supply (if applicable)
  • 7 round magnum cartridges (for scar tattoo treatments)
  • 3 round liner cartridges (for needling)
  • 7 or 8 round liner cartridges (for inking)
  • Sample universal microneedling cartridges
  • Sample serums for MCA inkless needling
  • Ink stirrer and sticks
  • Sterile skin wipes
  • Hibiscrub
  • Grip tape
  • Cotton buds 
  • Micro-applicators
  • Water wipes or natural baby wipes
  • Cord sleeves
  • Tattoo ink cups (medium to large)
  • Barrier film
  • x10 Wound care packs
  • Skin marker
  • Witch hazel
Bronze starter kit for students only (full camo course) Ink Illusions

Please note that the kit doens’t include PPE gear, clinic disinfectant, microneedling dermapen, or client aftercare products.  Client aftercare products can be obtained separately and will be available to purchase during your training course.


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