Laser tattoo removal Brentwood Essex

If you are looking for laser tattoo removal in Brentwood Essex, then you are in the right place!  Our lead therapist Zena has 9 years experience at laser tattoo and pigmentation removal, qualified to Level 5.  Laser tattoo removal will be available at the main clinic in London Liverpool Street from February 2022 but for now, Zena has a fully equipped garden salon in her home in Brentwood, CM15. 

 We use a very powerful Q-Switch Nd:YAG KTP laser which can remove tattoos in as little as 2 sessions.  If you want to know how many sessions you will need to remove your tattoo, this isn’t as straight forward as you might think, so we can only estimate, but have a look at this link explaining all the factors that affect the number of sessions:

Where in Brentwood are we?

The Brentwood clinic in Essex is at our lead practitioner Zena’s home in a private garden clinic, on Kimpton Avenue.  Bookings are made by pre-arranged appointments only.

If you would prefer to be seen at our London Liverpool Street Clinic, this is based in Finsbury Circus and laser tattoo removal will be available there from February 2022.  

Please enquire for appointment availability at either location.

How much is laser tattoo removal in Essex?

Laser tattoo removal Brentwood Essex Ink Illusions

Pricing depends on size and ink coverage, but as a rough guide, this is how much it should cost per session:

  • Very small from $54.00 per session (up to 2 x 2cm)

  • Small from $66.00 per session (up to 5 x 5cm including eyebrow removal)

  • Medium from $90.00 per session (up to 10 x10cm)

  • Large from $114.00 per session (up to 15x15cm)

  • XLarge from $114.00 per session (see below)

Please note that XL tattoos can not be treated in one sitting as this could make you ill due to the amount of ink going in to the blood stream. The tattoo will be treated in segments depending on the size. The starting price shown of $102.00 is to treat the same size as the Large tattoo photo. Any tattoos treated larger than this will be more and it is at the discretion of the therapist how much of an XL tattoo can be treated in one session.

Before + after photos for laser tattoo removal

Click on the images to see full size.

How to book an appointment for laser tattoo removal in Essex?

To get an idea of pricing before booking an appointment, please send photos to or, if easier, to WhatsApp on 07751 254138.  We can then advise on the estimated number of sessions and the price per session.  If you are happy to proceed, we can let you know appointment availability at our location in Brentwood, CM15.  Evening and weekend appointments are available, so we can be very flexible.  We do have a booking system for all appointment confirmations and a booking deposit will be taken by the system to stop late cancellations and no-shows.

Laser tattoo removal Brentwood Essex Ink Illusions
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